perfusion tubing set


Eurosets is a manufacturer and distributor for high quality tubing set for E.C.C. Thanks to the Exclusive Features, Eurosets is highlighted and positioned as a main member of the major companies in this field.


Thanks to the color code, printed on the entire tube length , it is guaranteed the immediate identification of the working aspirators (vents).


All the E.C.C. circuits are made with tubes (PVC, silicon, class VI medical grade) with the characteristic to have lot number printed on their entire length. In this way it is guaranteed the complete, simple, safe traceability.


The color code printed on the entire tube length, make the circuits set-up easier even in a critical condition, i.e. emergency.


Eurosets is able to supply every kind of tubing-set for every User requirement.
The following versions are available: Adult, Pediatric, Infant, New born and special version.

SWING Tubes Organizer

The New Organizer, thanks to the Swing tubes Clips, guaranties the complete tubes flexibility on the sterile field, preventing every possible kinking.

Table Tray

The table tray is optimized to facilitate the “passing” manoeuvres on the sterile field , besides on the Tyvek is present a removable label, reporting all product data, switchable on the Patient checklist.