The following are the simple preliminary operation to be performed prior to using Venice on the operating theatre

pass the Venice on the sterile operating field in a aseptic way

on the sterile field, remove the green punch and the white tray

take the funnel located in the rear part of the system

connect the funnel to the white connector, bend the connector and add 45ml of physiologic solution.

The seal chamber is now filled with 45ml of physiologic solution equal to 2cm, the solution turns blue.

You can now proceed to the introduction of the quantity of solution necessary for the correct operation of the vacuum controlled and adjustment chamber.

After connecting the surgical wound drainage for blood recovery, you can connect Venice to the vacuum line and properly adjust it.

Instantaneous AIR LEAK monitoring.

If any air comes from the patients, in the water seal chamber bubbles are visible.

Volumetric AIR LEAK METER.

VENICE is equipped with a patented Volumetric Air leak meter that allows to monitor and quantify the amount of air leak.
Just rotating the blue lever, automatically the air leak is accumulated into the water seal chamber, reducing the level of water in the right part and increasing the level of water in the left part.
During time if the water level into the water seal chamber changes, it means that we still have air leak in the patient. This “small” but present air leak in not perceptible with the other popular systems present in the market.

We can calculate the air leak flow, easily:

  • turn the blue lever and simultaneously start a chronometer
  • as soon as the water level, on the left side in the water seal chamber, arrives to the END line, stop the chronometer and report the time taken in the dedicated conversion table, to obtain the air leak flow in ml/min.

This Measure can be replicated any time to check the air leak behavior.

Resetting the excessive negative intrathoracic pressure.

In case the intrathoracic pressure highly raise, the water seal chamber is equipped with an automatic discharge valve for the release of the excessive negative intrathoracic pressure.
To re-set the pressure in the system, venting the system, slide the white clamp plate to the left, simultaneously we:

  • clamp the tube or tubes in case a dual collection unit is used
  • stop the vacuum applied to the system
  • open a vent to atmospheric pressure

The sliding clamp plate is a safe, fast and easy-to-use, patented device to re-set the intra-thoracic.

Chest drainge with VALM volumetric air Leak Meter



Venice is a device specifically optimized for cardio-thoracic post-operative care.
Venice is intended for:

  • evacuating and evacuation monitoring of both fluid and air from pleura-mediastinal cavity
  • re-establish and maintaining the physiological gradient of intrathoracic pressure
  • complete pulmonary re-expansion in order to restore normal respiratory dynamics
  • drainage by control the suction and gravity drainage

Venice is a unique device for thoracic drainage that is equipped with:

  • patented Volumetric Air Leak Meter
  • patented labyrinth pathway between the water suction control chamber – water seal chamber
  • patented labyrinth pathway in the water suction control chamber to reducegenerated noise
  • patented sequential tube clamping plate for manual release of excessive intrathoracic negative pressure, with no risk of air trapping in the thoracic cavity.

Venice is available with 3 o 4 chamber having the following function:

  • Suction control and adjustment,
  • Water seal,
  • Blood collection.

The suction control and adjustment chamber allows the device, with the addition of water, to obtain the required suction level up to 25cmH2O. This chamber is equipped with positive pressure valve which protects the patient from possible pneumotorax.

The water seal chamber allows the operator to detect possible air leakage for the patient’s thoracic cavity and maintain the physiological intrathoracic pressure;
this chamber is equipped with an automatic discharge valve for the release of the excessive negative intrathoracic pressure.

The blood collection chamber allows accurate reading of the blood loss; with the dual collection model , equipped with 4 chambers instead of 3, the blood drains from 2 separate cavities can be collected and monitored separately.

The blood collection capacity is 2500ml.

The internal knock-over labyrintic pathway, between the blood collection chamber and the water seal chamber, allows the water level to be recovered in the event of an accidental knock-over ;
it guarantees that no spill occurs between water seal and collection chamber in the event of an accidental knock-over;
it prevent water lost from the seal chamber, which is thus maintained efficient.

The patented labyrinth pathway between the water suction control chamber – water seal chamber, prevents, compared to major competitors, water lost from water suction control chamber even with high flow vacuum source.

The patented labyrinth pathway of water suction control chamber to reduce, , compare to of major competitors, noise a low level


EU3601VENICE chest drainage single collection04
EU3602VENICE chest drainage DUAL collection04
EU3611VENICE chest drainage single collection with VALM (Volumetric Air Leak Meter)04
EU3612VENICE chest drainage DUAL collection with VALM (Volumetric Air Leak Meter)04