EU3235Pressure reducer for Sprink 01
EU3783SPRINK S.H.F. 125mm GRID, KIT complete 10
EU3784SPRINK S.H.F. 160mm GRID, KIT complete 10
EU3785SPRINK S.H.F. 195mm GRID, KIT complete 10
EU1026connector UNI9507 for compressed air 01
EU1156connector SIO (AFNOR NR-S- 90-116) 01
EU1157connector DIN1326 for compressed air 01
EU1158connector BS5682 for compressed air 01


Surgical Cleaning and Suction System

the easiest LOW pressure PULSATILE LAVAGE


Cleaning and Suction of Surgical wounds

Surgical cleaning, in particular in the case of orthopaedic surgical wound, is mainly carried out by means of large syringes or high pressure lavage system.

The first method is certainly the most economical, the latter is rarely used due to its complex nature as well as the significant operating cost.

The SPRINK system

The SPRINK system was developed in order to assure wound cleaning throughout surgery.

The cleaning liquid is sprinkled using sterile air which can be adjusted using a pressure reducing valve.
Suction occurs through the vacuum of the suction unit on the reservoir fo intra operative blood recovery.

Through the optimized cleaning system even the smallest fragments of bones, which if overlooked can quickly lead to muscle calcification, are removed efficiently and carefully.

The presence of washing liquid reduces the haemolysis during the course of blood suction and a larger number of red blood cells can be collected, should blood recovery during surgery be necessary.

In addition, the use of pure cleaning solution, also allows disinfectant, antibiotics, bone and cement fragment to be removed completely.


The cleaning/suction unit is connected to a pressure regulator.
By means of a filter with sterilizing membrane with an efficient > 99,99999% sterile air is injected as carrier for transporting the cleaning liquid.

The operator regulates the flow of liquid directly at the Sprink grip.
Suction is always permanent.


Low pressure lavage reduces “damage to the bone structure” caused by high pressure lavage system.