Optimized venous drainage with the self expanding device


The superior performance of SDD is based on its ability to take advantage of the human anatomy, which by nature increases the diameter of the main veins in vicinity to the heart.

Hence, a venous cannula that can be inserted from the groin into the venous system with a relatively small diameter, which reaches larger (iliac and caval) diameters within the body, allows a significant reduction of the narrowed blood path.

SDD expanded in situ, i. e. the inferior vena cava.
It becomes clear, that the majority of the intravenous blood path towards the pump-oxygenator is unrestricted.

The SDD Dilator Set is designed for percutaneous or semi-open vascular access with diameters from 8F to 24F.

CodeConnecting DiameterGuide - WireTubing LengthCovered LengthUncovered LengthDiameter / Size
Collapsed / EXpanded
Intra - vascular
Maximum Length
Total Length
InchInchmmmmmmF Fmmmm
V1/420F220ST1/4.0351008040<15 20120220
V3/824F260ST3/8.0351008080<18 24160260
V3/824F340ST3/8.03510080160<18 24240340
V3/824F430ST3/8.03510080250<18 24330430
V3/824F530ST3/8.03510080350<18 24430530
V3/824F630ST3/8.035100100430<18 24530630
V3/824F680ST3/8.035100170410<18 24580680
V3/824F730ST3/8.035100170460<18 24630730
ECMO (28 days)
V3/824F430STC3/8.03510080250<18 24330430
V3/824F530STC3/8.03510080350<18 24430530
V3/824F630STC3/8.035100100430<18 24530630
V3/824F680STC3/8.035100170410<18 24580680

Ordering Guide

CodeContent Description
D8F-24FJ3.0 100Hollow needle 18G
Guide wire .035 100 cm
5 Dilators: 8/10 10/12 14/16 18/20 22/24
J3 FC-FS 100Guide wire .035 100 cm
J7.5 FC-FS 180Guide wire .035 180 cm