EC.C. Vacuum Assisted Drainage Optimized, for a Better Patient's Outcome


What’s EVADO?

EVADO is an optimized E.C.C. system that considers two main aspects:

Prime volume reduction by:

  • vacuum (VAVD) allows the use of 3(8” venous line;
  • Low shear stress.retrograde autologous priming with bag leads to significant HCT increase.


  • Blood trauma reduction thank to suckers operated by vacuum (pumpless)


  • Extracavitary sucker coonected to the Harmony (pumpless)
  • Two vacuum regulator
  • Admiral oxy (reservoir and cardiotomy separated)
  • Pediatric circuit with 3/8” venous line (VAVD)
  • Tubing kit for other connection (EVADO set)

Dedicated devices

The YELLOW vacuum regulator for extracavitary aspiration (max 160mmHg) is connected to the vacuum wall.

The GREEN vacuum regulator for intracavitary aspiration + VAVD (max 100mmHg) is connected to the vacuum wall.

HARMONY is a sucking self-regulating system using high flow ad low flow vacuum for cleaning the operating field in a efficient, fast and delicate way.
It works between 20 and 150mmHg and it doesn’t exceed 160mmHg.
The flow varies between 0,5 and 4 L/min according to the amount of blood aspirated.


EU5001Admiral Oxygenator03
AG5001Admiral Oxygenator Fully coated 03
EU3820Vacuum regulators Kit (AMVEX 100 + AMVEX 160)01
HAR-E-230-IT Harmony vacuum pump 01
EU4655EVADO set 10