EU3091Holder for CleanField 2800ml 01
EU3739CleanField reservoir 2800ml for autotransfusion with anticoagulation line 06
EU3077Anticoagulation/aspiration line 10
EU3088Collecting Bag for orthopaedic surgery 10


Autotransfusion reservoir

CLEANFIELD autotransfusion reservoir was designed to meet all the needs of the recovery of blood lost during a surgical operation. CLEANFIELD is a device that can be used both in those recovery procedures when blood losses are estimated in advance, and those when losses are difficult to estimate. With CLEANFIELD we have a safe, effective and economic recovery system which protects from suddenly blood losses. The system is economic because we have reduced the “essential disposable” (the reservoir in fact is similar to a bag); in this way CLEANFIELD can be used in every surgical operation, giving safety to the operators and the patient.


The Reservoir Holder is designed for unlimited us, and is made up of:

  1. upper part made of alluminium that incorporate the terminal for stand, the vacuometer with the vacuum regulator with an ON-OFF switch and the connection for the vacuum font, which has been designed for tubes of 1/4″ and 3/8” diameter.
  2. lower part used as a rigid container made of robust transparent polycarbonate.

The Reservoir is made up of a rigid cover and a soft PVC bag with capacity of 2000 or 2800 ml that contains the filtering system.

  • On the cover we can find two groups of connectors:
    1. in the SUCTION group there are 4 connectors protected by red caps. The two 1/4″ connectors and the 3/8” connector are used for connections to aspiration lines, while the luer connector is useful for oxygenators and extra-corporeal circulation emptying lines.
    2. in the OUTLET group there are three connectors: one LLF, one for 3/8” tubes, protected by a blue cap, and one connected to 1/4″ silicone tube also protected by a blue cap.
  • The filtration system is composed of two filtering screens of 120 and 45 μm, separated by a distancial screen in order to optimize the filtration system. The total filtration surface is 700 cm2
  • The filtering screens are made with medical grade polyester, single thread. This technology allows manufacturing of high-selective screens, with no particle release risk and no sponge effect.
  • Sterilizing and idrophobic membrane: The reservoir, on the upper part of the bag, has a sterilizing and idrophobic membrane in the point where negative pressure created inside the holder passes inside the reservoir. The use of a sterilizing and idrophobic membrane avoids contamination of intra-operative recovered blood and protects re-usable components (vacuum source and pneumatic equipment) from contamination and damages.

The aspiration line for intraoperative recovery (Anticoagulant line)
Allows recovery and anticoagulation of blood aspirated from the surgical field. It is made up of a PVC double tube that is used for :

  1. connection to the aspiration cannula;
  2. connection to the reservoir;
  3. connection to the container for anticoagulant solution by means of a perforator.

Sterilization and other technical features

  • Re-usable parts are not sterile and do not need sterilization before use; we suggest periodical cleaning with normal water-base disinfectant products;
  • Single use parts of are sterilized by Ethylene Oxide (EtO);
  • Sterility is guaranteed if package is not damaged;
  • Do not re-sterilize;
  • Expiration date: 5 years from sterilization date;
  • Store in a dry place, with temperature between 0 and 60°C; away from heat sources and intense light
  • EtO residual according to International Standard