Born in 1991, today Eurosets is a leader manufacturer of medical devices for Autotransfusion, Cardiac Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery.

Located in the biomedical district of Medolla (MO), in the middle of the italian plastic valley, during the years Eurosets experienced in products for extra corporeal circulation, to be used in the operator theatre, intensive care units and wards. A skilled and well motivated team of Engineers are employed in (the) research and development of new advanced products. This permitted to Eurosets to developed a whole range of devices winning a well position in the international market.
Recently, the development of an innovative adult oxygenator (mechanical lungs support), device used during cardiac surgery with the “heart stopped”, at the focus of main players around the world. Thanks to a continuous sales force growing up, Eurosets in the last few years enlarged its activity in many parts of the European market, Asian market, Magreb market, latin America market and Japan market.
The complete new building, is based on 10.000 sqm, located in a biomedical district that totally employees more than 4200 people. Eurosets has a certified quality system ISO 13485 by TÜV Product Service GmbH of Munich and it is registered as a “production company” of medical devices by the Italian Minister of Health.




- Adult allow fibre oxygenator.
- Drainage system with the possibility to collect and reinfuse the blood in the post operative phase.
- Chest drainage family.
- Complete C.A.B.G. set (CUSTOMIZABLE) for the extra corporeal circulation
- Complete set (CUSTOMIZABLE) for the cardioplegia
- Biocompatibility coating A.G.I.L.E. (PC coating)
- Reservoir for intra-operative Autotransfusion.
- Arterial filter, bubble trap filter, pre by-pass filter, cardioplegia filter, microaggregates filter,gas filter..
- Bags, policarbonate connectors, alluminium and/or stainless steel coils.


- Drainage system with the possibility to collect and reinfuse the blood in the post operative phase.
- Intraoperative washing and aspiration system.



Being “friend of Patients” is our daily aim. A commit that gets its maximum expression in the unending research activity that match the operator’s skilled with the quality of the technology used in the manufacturing of the products that every day are used in the operator rooms all around the world. Eurosets mission is to be always “close to the Patients” even in the study of new technology that helps the doctors to work in the best condition guaranteeing a whole tailored sanitary assistance.


Eurosets has a well motivated staff of skilled engineers committed in the developing of new advanced product “state of the art”.
Over the arterial filter (a safety system used in the extra corporeal circulation before that the blood returns back to the Patient), Eurosets developed a new innovative adult Hollow fibre oxygenator, product that will aggressively revolute the international market.
This product has been realized after almost 1,5 years of study, the new device has been designed to facilitate the post-operative phase in the Patient, thanks to an innovative system that reduces the blood “Hemodilution” during the surgery phase.


The biocompatibility is one of the relevant product of Eurosets.
Thanks to A.G.I.L.E. (active inert layer surface coating) the main product lines are guaranteed by a coating system, that helps the internal parts of the plastics components to be “mimezed”.
In this way the blood flowing inside does not recognize the foreign surface and it still recognizes to be inside the endothelium, its own habitat.
This procedure reduces at minim the blood “stress” avoiding any possible adverse reaction in the post operative phase.
Eurosets has a certified quality system ISO 13485 by TÜV Product Service GmbH of Munich and it is registered as a “production company” of medical devices by the Italian Minister of Health.
All the EUROSETS’ products have the CE mark according with European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC, in Italy granted with DL n. 46 del 24/02/1997.


The Eurosets manufacturing process is carried out totally in tzo “Clean rooms”, habitat of over 1000sqm where people work respecting high standard of sterility and environmental care, always supervised and certified by TUV.
The “Clean rooms” are divided in a moulding area where the single component of the medical devices in a plastic material “medical grade” are produced and another clean room where assembling and quality check is carried out.
The entire production of the Eurosets devices is carried out in a clean rooms ISO class 8, according with EN ISO 14644-1 issued 2001 and 14644-2 issued 2001.
The production profits on the most innovative technologies.
Eurosets manufactures inside the company all the machines necessary during the production cycle.